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My Buddy the Plumber, your trusted plumbing partner in Westminster, CO, where we specialize in top-notch sump pump services. With our dedication to excellence and years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable solutions to safeguard your property against flooding and water damage. Our team of skilled technicians is committed to providing expert sump pump installation, repair, maintenance, and emergency services tailored to meet your specific needs. Count on us to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your sump pump system, giving you peace of mind during even the most challenging weather conditions.

Our Sump Pump Services

Sump Pump Services


Our expert technicians specialize in the precise installation of sump pump systems tailored to your property's needs. Whether you're building a new home or upgrading your existing drainage system, we ensure a seamless installation process to safeguard your basement from potential water damage.

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If your sump pump is experiencing issues such as strange noises, frequent cycling, or failure to activate, our skilled professionals are here to diagnose and repair the problem promptly. With our efficient repair services, we'll restore your sump pump to optimal functionality, ensuring your property remains protected.

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Regular maintenance is essential for prolonging the lifespan and efficiency of your sump pump. Our maintenance plans include thorough inspections, cleaning, and testing of your system to identify any potential issues before they escalate. Trust us to keep your sump pump in peak condition year-round.

Replacing the old sump pump in a basement

Emergency Services

Water emergencies can occur at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency sump pump services. Whether it's the middle of the night or during a holiday weekend, you can rely on us to respond swiftly to your call and provide the urgent assistance needed to prevent further damage to your property.

Benefits of Professional Sump Pump Installation

Professional sump pump installation ensures that the system is correctly sized and placed for optimal performance. Trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to assess your property’s specific needs and install the sump pump in the most effective location, reducing the risk of water damage.

When installed by professionals, sump pumps are more likely to function reliably for an extended period. Proper installation techniques and high-quality equipment increase the durability of the system, providing peace of mind during heavy rains or flooding.t

Many professional sump pump installation services offer warranties on both labor and parts. This means that if any issues arise with the system within the warranty period, you can have them addressed promptly and often at no additional cost, ensuring long-term protection for your investment.

A professionally installed sump pump adds value to your property by safeguarding it against water damage. Potential buyers are often willing to pay more for homes with reliable flood prevention measures in place, making professional installation a smart investment in the long run.

What Sets My Buddy the Plumber Apart?


Our team comprises highly skilled plumbers with extensive training and experience in handling a wide range of plumbing issues. From simple repairs to complex installations, we've got you covered.


When you choose My Buddy the Plumber, you can count on us to arrive on time and complete the job efficiently. We understand the importance of reliable service, especially when dealing with plumbing emergencies.

Quality Workmanship

We are committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship on every project we undertake. Whether it's fixing a leaky faucet or renovating an entire plumbing system, we ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Customer Satisfaction

Our priority is always our customers' satisfaction. We go above and beyond to exceed expectations, providing attentive service and addressing any concerns promptly and effectively.

Transparent Pricing

At My Buddy the Plumber, we believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. You can trust that our quotes are fair and accurate, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Exceptional Service

From the moment you contact us to the completion of the job, expect nothing less than exceptional service from our team. We are dedicated to making your experience with us smooth, stress-free, and satisfying.

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Frequently Asks Questions

A sump pump is a device installed in basements or crawl spaces to prevent flooding by removing excess water. It operates by detecting rising water levels in a sump pit, activating to pump the water away from the foundation and out of the building through a discharge pipe.

It's recommended to inspect your sump pump at least once a year and perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning debris from the pit, testing the pump, and ensuring the discharge pipe is clear.

Signs of a malfunctioning sump pump include strange noises during operation, frequent cycling on and off, failure to activate during heavy rains, or visible signs of water leakage around the pump or discharge pipe.

While some homeowners may attempt to install a sump pump themselves, it's generally recommended to hire a professional for proper installation. Professional installers have the expertise to assess your property's needs and ensure the pump is installed correctly for maximum effectiveness.

In the event of a sump pump failure or power outage, it's essential to have a backup plan in place. Consider installing a battery backup sump pump or a water-powered backup system to ensure continuous protection against flooding, even when your primary pump is offline.

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